Beautiful book, congratulations!

September 5, 2023

As the author has asked and answered the question in the affirmative, ”will science and God ever be united under a common paradigm?’’, in the same vein I have been asking the question ‘’will poetry and science ever be united in the same brain and heart?’’.

Now I know that my question has also been answered in the affirmative in this book. Congratulations to the author for this wonderful book! Readers, if you want to be inspired, this book is IT!

– Amit Goswami, PhD, author of The self aware universe, The quantum brain, The quantum integrative medicine (the last two, with Valentina R. Onisor, MD)

Amit Goswami PhD

The emotion of poetry

September 2, 2023

When I read a poem in the poetry section, I was profoundly touched for someone who never understood the language of poetry. To my delightful surprise my emotions were deeply felt. I thank you Phoenix Rose for this extraordinary experience. I found when I read more, I had more of an understanding. I highly recommend this beautiful book.

Lisette McGrath

An interesting perspective

July 4, 2023

I find Phoenix’s outlook on life, in general, to be thought provoking, gentle and calm. Some of the poems generate serenity, which I find is hard to come by in the times we currently live in. Thank you, Phoenix Rose, for sharing these wonderful slices of life.


An inspirational anthology about love, nature, hope, self-reflection, and a new understanding of consciousness and science.

December 8, 2022

Hope and Heart: A Quantum Leap into the Aquarian Age by Phoenix Rose is a breath of fresh air both for poetry fans and those who seldom read poetry alike. And for the latter, there is an excellent, thoughtful essay section.

The poem “On Our Way” by James Dillet Freeman is a perfect leadoff for the book, as each of us is “on our way” to a journey of being a “wondering wanderer,” as Freeman writes. The foreword by Rita Benaquista (“Rita Be-Still) gives us a great introduction about author Phoenix Rose’s ability to meld science and spirituality—a journey all of us wondering wanderers seem to be taking these days. Rose asks us if we are game for a quantum leap. With the world in its current state, I think we can answer with an enthusiastic “yes!”

Rose’s first poem in the book is “My Secret Chair,” and we all can relate. Don’t we all seek “a perfect place to contemplate the mysteries of the world,” as Rose writes?

Rose also has wisely chosen beautiful art for the book, giving us visual manifestations of what we seek.

Her reworking of the lyrics of “America the Beautiful” are perfect for the modern era. The poem “Rainbow” offers truths we should know, did know as children, but have forgotten. “Solitary Walk” is inspirational, as its conclusion that we will “never really walk alone” is a surprise juxtaposition to the title.

Rose’s section entitled “Innocence” harkens us back to simpler times in our lives, while the section “Going Within” challenges us to think of better ways to live.

The “Love” section is particularly gratifying, as Rose interprets the Twenty-Third psalm in a new, thoughtful way. The next section, “Aspiration,” offers poems to move us forward in life. My particular favorite is “Election ’08: The Change,” and how that wonderful day affects us to the present.

We all seek joy, so it is appropriate that Rose has written poems under the rubric of “Joy.”

Rose then shifts gears, changing her poetry book to one of prose in the “Prose” section, led by a short story and followed with a delightful collection of thought-provoking essays.

In her afterword, Rose assures us that we “have always had, within our own being, the answers to what we may intuitively feel we lack,” and urges us to “love, and be well-loved.”

Hope and Heart is a positive, far-ranging book that entertains us while it makes us think about a variety of subjects. Highly recommended—and enjoyed!

William S. Bike